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Expert Real Estate Predictions

Posted on Apr 29, 2013 in Real Estate Articles


With the slowdown of the Canadian housing market, people are wondering whether to buy, sell or hold their greatest asset. Often, we rely on the predictions of expert analysts to give us some direction but the trouble is, they are not all predicting the same events. I’ve heard everything from modest price...

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West Vancouver Market Update - March 2013

Posted on Apr 05, 2013 in Real Estate Articles

West Vancouver Moves Towards a Balanced Market

According to the GVRB MLS® stats for March, the market for detached homes in West Vancouver is continuing to favour Buyers with a Sales Ratio of 12%. However, it has shown movement towards a balanced market, which starts at 15%, when compared to the 7% in February. This is having a stabilizing impact on...

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Pricing your house to sell quickly

Posted on Aug 23, 2012 in Real Estate Articles

I came across this great article by Dian Hymer while reading my morning blogs...

If home lacks features of recent comps, it's time to subtract value

Monday, August 20, 2012
Inman News

A first-quarter survey of homebuyers and sellers done by, a real estate services website, revealed that 76 percent of homeowners believe their home is worth...

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