Upsizing or Downsizing - What is right for you?

Is your family considering moving to a larger space or a smaller place to live? Whether you're a growing family or empty nesters, resizing is a big step that needs insightful planning. Luckily, there are countless neighbourhoods in Vancouver that you can choose from to meet your needs. Budgets are the first step, of course, but upsizing and downsizing involves much more than just moving within a specific price range, particularly when looking into a new neighbourhood. For example, growing families that are looking to upsize often prioritize the school catchment and other opportunities for kids and teens, such as sports clubs, local lessons, etc. The design and layout of the house will also be important because it might need to adapt as children grow older and want to shift play areas to quiet study spaces. 

On the other hand, individuals who may be empty nesters or travellers, will possibly be more interested in a smaller place with quick access to the airport. Additionally, because maintenance and operating costs are cheaper, they may be aiming to reduce their household overhead and obtain greater financial independence by taking equity out of their current residence. Some people who are downsizing might be getting close to retirement and would like to meet new people in the area, perhaps in a condo community. Regardless of the reasoning for resizing, the best course of action to carefully consider all your choices with someone who is familiar with the process and the neighbourhoods. Kim Taylor, one of Vancouver’s top realtors, grew up in the heart of West Van and can offer you a lot of insightful information and resources
Start off by exploring the homes for sale in West Vancouver and North Vancouver to get an idea of what's currently available on the market. Learn more about what each area in the North Shore has to offer by surfing through our custom West Van and North Van community maps. When you're ready for more, don't hesitate to reach out to Kim, your local realtor, for guidance and advice in all your real estate needs.