Want a Free Renovation by the Property Brothers?

Buying and Selling' with the Property Brothers is Now Casting in the Greater Vancouver area and wants to help you sell your home fast.

Does your old home need a face-lift to make it more appealing to buyers and maximize its value? A new series, hosted by the Property Brothers’ Jonathan and Drew Scott, is looking for homeowners who need to sell their current home FAST. Let their dream team of design experts pay for a FREE renovation, staging and storage to help speed up the sale.
You must fit this criteria...
  • Family with child/children
  • House needs a light facelift
  • Detached house over 2,000 square feet
  • In the Greater Vancouver Area and suburbs
  • Planning on selling home soon
If you're interested and you fit the criteria above, contact me at kim@kimtaylorhomes.com or 604.315.2645 for details on how to apply.